Our new Weinig moulder for milling custom PVC mouldings.

We are excited to announce that we have recently acquired a new Weinig moulder for making custom PVC mouldings. This machine allows us to produce high-quality, durable and versatile mouldings for any project you may have in mind. Whether you need crown moulding, baseboard, casing, chair rail, panel moulding or any other type of PVCContinue reading “Our new Weinig moulder for milling custom PVC mouldings.”

Custom PVC Planter Boxes.

Here are some beautiful PVC Planter Boxes we recently made for a client in Cape Cod. They had been ordering these “Hotel del Coronado” PVC Planter Boxes for an online website Hooks and Lattice that had recently discontinued them. With just a simple picture to go off of we preproduced the PVC Planter Boxes usingContinue reading “Custom PVC Planter Boxes.”