Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Custom louver pvc outdoor shower enclosure.

Our PVC outdoor shower enclosures are made using only one material and only one brand of pvc. You will never see shiny post mixed in with different color PVC products. We pride ourselves on hiding as many fasteners as possible. No unsightly screw heads all over the place.. Can you find a outdoor shower enclosure kit online cheap? Yes and you will get what you pay for. We have prefab units that we assemble in our quality controlled shop so you can just set it in place saving tons of time and labor on site! Our prefab units are just under four foot in width so they can lay down and slide in the back of a pickup truck easily.

We can also custom make the outdoor shower enclosure of your dreams! Perfect addition to any backyard, lake house, beach house and hotel. Whether to rinse the pool chlorine or beach sand off you’ll be glad to do it outdoors. Perfect to stop kids or guests from dragging sand through your house!

Another great use of and pvc outdoor shower enclosure is bathing your pets. Fido will enjoy taking a shower outdoors just as much as you!

Outdoor showers are not just for during the day. It’s a great experience to take an outdoor shower under the stars at night!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We offer delivery across Long Island and can palletize orders to ship out common carrier across the us. 

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