Helping To Battle Covid

Assembling Lexan Face Shields

When the pandemic started like many other companies we looked for a way to help. There were shortages of ppe being that most of it was being made overseas and the whole world was looking for it. It really hit home being that my wife is a nurse. I also have lots of family and friends in the healthcare industry and first responders. Being that we have the tools and equipment to make just about anything I started making some mock ups. Every day I would post my progress on Facebook and get feedback from the Heroes on the front lines that would wind up wearing them. Went through about four or five different configurations till I found one that worked.

Once I found one that worked I put up a video on Facebook telling people to contact me if they were in need of face shields. The response was overwhelming! The video was shared a couple hundred times. As the requests came in I would hand out the shields 5 – 10 – 15 at a time this was I could get some to everyone that asked. I called in some reinforcements to help keep up with the demand but didn’t want too many people in the shop to keep social distancing. It was inspiring to meet so many healthcare Heroes and hear their horror stories of they were dealing with daily. It truly gave me the motivation to make more and more.

In total we manufactured around 1,800 and they went directly to the people who needed them. I was also inspired by my friend Matthew “Dezy” DiStefano who started the Dezystrong Foundation who preached the words ” we get to”. We all got to wake up every day and deal with the pandemic.. I’d also like to thank everyone that donated to help secure supplies to make the face shields. Especially J.C. Steel and Premier Building for their donations. – Bobby Cozzie

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