Designing the perfect Outdoor Shower Enclosure!!

There are many factors to have in mind when designing the perfect Outdoor Sower Enclosure of your dreams. You have to consider the material, hardware, location and more.

Custom louver pvc outdoor shower enclosure. azek / versatex

First lets talk Outdoor Shower Enclosure material. Most wood will not stand up over time. They will require painting or staining seasonally. Then you also have the slippery mold that will grow and spread.. Once you paint wood the moisture inside will try to get out over time. This is why you see paint bubbling up. It’s the moisture trying to escape. So the material we turn to at Executive Architectural Millwork is PVC also know as Cellular PVC, Azek, Versatex, etc. It is a solid material that looks and feels like wood but does not have the same drawbacks. PVC is naturally white but can be painted if you wish to do so. It will still require some seasonal maintenance but it will be a simple soft wash with a hose or low pressure power washer. The PVC will never rot, war, crack or be eaten by bugs. All of these pluses make it perfect for Outdoor Shower Enclosures.

board and batten pvc outdoor shower with port holes. Azek / Versatex

Now lets talk about the perfect hardware to use on you Outdoor Shower Enclosure. Here at Executive Architectural Millwork we prefer to use Stainless Steel. All of the hinges and fasteners are stainless steel to stand the test of time. Anything that is painted regular steel will just rust out over time. Adding black power coating to the stainless steel adds another layer of protection and makes for a beautiful black and white combo. Even though the hinges are stainless steel we do recommend spraying them with wd40 once or twice a year.

Azek pvc outdoor shower enclosure. Versatex

Now lets talk about the perfect location for your Outdoor Shower Enclosure. First of all you have to be able to run water lines to it. Weather you want both hot and cold lines are up to you. There are propane instant hot water heaters that you can simply hook a garden hose to if you need to. Another think to keep in mind is where you put it on your property. You don’t want your neighbors to be able to look in from their second story window.. Usually they are attached to a garage, back of a house, or standing alone by there selves.

They are the perfect addition to any backyard, beach house, lake house and even for commercial applications like county club and hotel pool areas. Please consider an Outdoor Shower Enclosure from Executive Architectural Millwork if your local to Long Island, New York. If you thank you for reading and I hope your found this informative.

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